South African Whites Seek Asylum in the U.S.

by Jason Dzubow on March 15, 2012

in Asylum Seekers

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An asylum claim by a white Afrikaner farming family from South Africa has sparked a debate about whether their claim is based on a real fear of persecution or is “the result of paranoid (and racist) whites wanting to leave because they want no part in a black-governed South Africa.” 

Some Afrikaners fear that in South Africa, white is the new black.

The family’s claim seems to be that they are being discriminated and persecuted by the government.  Also, they face a severe risk of racially motivated crime and the government is unwilling or unable to protect them.

The family’s attorneys have been searching for an expert witness, but they have been rejected by several academics:

Professor Mark Behr, of Rhodes College, in Memphis, Tennessee, and Dr. Dennis Laumann, of the University of Memphis, have rejected requests that they help the family.  “I am not interested in assisting Afrikaners claiming discrimination in a non-racial, democratic, post-apartheid South Africa,” wrote Laumann.  “In my scholarly opinion, there is absolutely no basis for their allegation – whatever evidence they may present.”

Such rejection seems to me to represent the worst of academia.  To assume that any claim of asylum by a white South African is based on paranoia and racism is bad enough, but to publicly state that “there is absolutely no basis for their allegation – whatever evidence they may present” is completely irresponsible.  As a top asylum attorney once remarked: No country is safe for everyone all the time.

Nevertheless, it seems to me that the family will face an uphill battle for asylum.  For one thing, it appears that much of the case is based on the claim that the South African government discriminates against whites.  Assuming this is true, discrimination is not sufficient for a grant of asylum.  Also, to the extent that the family faces violence, they would need to show that there is nowhere in South Africa where they could relocate and live safely.  Given that there are about 4.5 million whites living in South African, I am not sure how the family can demonstrate that internal relocation is not an option.

Finally, the articles about white South Africans cite a figure that I find misleading.  They state that between 2001 and 2010, a total of 129 South Africans were granted asylum in the United States.  The articles imply that all these South African asylees are white.  DHS statistics show that 129 South Africans were granted asylum, but there is no reason to believe that these asylees are white.  Indeed, given that only 9% of South Africans are white, it is likely that the majority of asylum seekers coming to the U.S. are not white.

In any case, the asylum claim of the white South African family–like all asylum claims–should be evaluated on its merits.  Despite the irresponsible public comments of some academics, if the family has a well founded fear of persecution in South Africa, their application should be granted.

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Deon March 10, 2015 at 12:18 pm

Well said Rudi…..


Rudi January 13, 2015 at 1:08 am

White people cannot get job after leaving school. The SADF pre 94 where the iron fist of Africa. Now the new Sa Army cannot even fix a tank. Margret Thatcher quoted that if the Anc rule SA it will be cuckoo land. Afrikaners are suffering you fucking stupid american professors. Have the balls and come and live here and see for yourself. Die 2 professoers is fokken dose


Papillon August 19, 2014 at 3:21 pm

It’s an on-going saga and no matter what they say, if your white in South Africa, especially if you have no money – your “done for”. The reality of it all is that it is not easy to immigrate anywhere in the world.


Martin May 12, 2014 at 6:43 pm

I actually found this discussion with fear in the back of my mind , wondering what will happen to South Africa in the future and what will happen to the whites living in it. By googeling the subject. I had zero to do with the apartheid, for people to say that i must suffer and deserve what coming to me is a bit harsh an ludicrous. BEE prevents not only whites from getting Jobs but also prevents them from creating Jobs , many companies have policies that state if you are not BEE certified they wont to business with you, is that not a pure act of rasisim ? 20 years later and aparantly the white black equlibrium has not been reached??? The goverment support songs that calls murder among whites “mashingiwang” *spelling* means machine gun and the song goes something in the line of bring my gun kill the farmer kill the boer, seriously is that not enough to see whats going in? if anyone thinks its a lie search it you will probably find some youtube videos look at statistics in context please. A few years back you heard of things happening to whites lately you know someone that had under gone an act of brutal rasism, my friend’s wife’s mom got raped by 3 black men taking turns whilst the other as making them selves coffee and eating sandwiches from the fridge, those people are torned apart! i can clearly see it in their personalities. I can honestly say that i go to bed in fear of waking up with someone standing next to my bed in the middle of the night getting ready to take me out with a pillow case filled with bricks & rubble.

South Africa is a heck of a country even with all of its bullshit it still stands , but unfortunately and mark my words it will fall its reaching its tipping point.

Its not rocket science
anyway be greatfull for what you have

Nkosi sikeleli
En vir jou suid afrika se gat , vir jou is ek gatvol.


dainard April 22, 2014 at 4:37 pm

Is there a way for white south african to get assylum or to immagrate to the every person has stated on what is happening…may I say its all true..poeple abraud only c what is given to c but doesn’t c it all…some of us are scared to whant a way out..



Jason Dzubow April 22, 2014 at 5:32 pm

You would have to be in the US or some other country to apply for asylum. A person who is in his home country, by definition, is not a refugee. Plus, you would have to show a well-founded fear of persecution based on a protected ground (like race). Best to talk to a lawyer before you try this.

Reply April 9, 2014 at 11:07 am

I am devastated for this family. We are in such grave danger and for the so called “Educated Scholar’s” We live in fear our people are DYING!!! OVER 80 000 have just been wiped out. 80 000 lives gone!! How can this NOT be GENOCIDE. We are a nation on our knees and the world turns away because we have NO right to complain. As they see it we should be punished for what our forefathers did and we deserve to be TORTURED, OUR PRECIOUS BABIES RAPED, OUR MEN BRUTALLY MAIMED,OUR WOMAN GANG RAPED AND SLIT OPEN, BURNED, STABBED, SHOT,REFUSED WORK, REFUSED FOOD AID, HUMILIATED, THREATENED. So what they are in fact saying is that it is our just deserve and we should live with it or DIE!!! We have lost everything we are one step away from ending up in a squatter camp. We might as well just take our own lives and spare ourselves the TORTURE AND PAIN at least we can choose how we die.


johnny hurst March 24, 2014 at 4:01 pm

Professor Mark Behr, of Rhodes College, in Memphis, Tennessee needs to get his ass out of MY State and move back to South Africa prefferably to the township in Kwa-Mashu where he can talk his self hating crap to the people there who WILL kill him on site in their township. We do not need anymore self hating Afrikaans crackers here. I would much rather have some productive, compassionate new members for our society. HEY MARK BEHR GET THE HELL OUT OF MY STATE AND GO BACK TO SOUTH AFRICA TO SOWETO AND LIVE YOUR RAINBOW DREAM.


thgarson August 5, 2013 at 1:32 am

i would be greatful that you inform yhje public about the whites in zimbabwe and to the present day situation of farmers in zuinbabwe thanks


panic stricken July 15, 2013 at 7:43 pm

People most Afrikaner whites are peacefull non racists please we beg for assistance the uhurru movement is real and they disarmed us and we can’t get weapons licenses anymore.We are defenseless we made fun of the Awb rightwing movement now we need them they were right about the murderous nature of sa blacks . We men will take what comes but please come and help our woman and children!


Winston July 8, 2013 at 5:57 am

The Afrikanners need machine guns.


MP June 8, 2013 at 7:06 pm

Hi everyone new to the discussion. Let me start off by saying that I hardly ever watch the news or read the papers as the news is always bad. I listen to what others say. I don’t live in the country as my husband works for a foreign company so we are expats. This is my opinion and it seems that everyone has one and all points of view should be objective and respected. Please feel free to correct me. Pick a country, any country. That country is made up of exactly as we are made up – a ‘rainbow nation’. Within that country there are political differences, political murders by extremist groups – which are not necessary condoned by that particular political group. There are religious differences and again extremist groups causing violence because they believe its the right thing to do. Within that country of choice are other groups – hate mongers to any race groups, homosexuality, gender ect. Within that country is a government made up of people voted for by a majority of citizens who believed in what they said before elections. The minority who did not elect them will obviously disagree and therefore will initiate hate groups, hate speech and it may even spur violence on many levels. Within this country are many groups who do good. They are sometimes made up of all religious sectors, races and genders. They believe in serving good, preaching good, they conduct themselves with dignity, have ethics and empathy for all. There are also groups who help with the enviornment, the teachers that believe they can make a difference…I could go on but I am sure by now you all get the picture. So now we look at SA. Before 94, there was apartheid. I had just finished school when it ended but I was born in the middle of it. I was not and still am not politically motivated because I think its a bunch of bullpoopie sometimes. Yes there were issues and there was tragedy. But with Mr Mandela’s release everyone breathed a sigh of relief. EVERYONE got behind the new democratic dream, that despite what had happened IN THE PAST, was going to change. We could all just be a peaceful. We cannot have a future without having a past. But are forced to relieve it in the most horrific way, as a reminder of – What you did to us. But don’t you think that is where it should have stayed. No. Because it is not in peoples nature to let things slide. Instead it was good for awhile but the past reared its ugly head. It became a dog with a bone – do you remember when ‘this’ happened well lets retaliate. Blah blah blah. So we are a country with many good qualities. We have a beautiful country. We have around 4.5 million whites and almost 50 million blacks and then very small groups of everyone else; coloureds, Asians, and all other nationalities. We have so many wonderful groups of people who try their best everyday to make what they do count. Unfortunately the majority of whom cause all the crap overshadows the good that exists. Will there ever be a change in government? Highly unlikely. There are too many supporters who still believe they will get what they want. They cannot see the forest for the trees what there own government is doing to them. Although the number of population is a huge gap the percentage of crime being conducted is done by the larger demographic. Why do the minority groups think they are being targeted? Because they are. It has been a hard slog; but finally they have enough power to get exactly what they want. There is still that mentality of if I want it I will take it. Yes, unemployment is high, but don’t you think that the government should at least take some of the blame or at least institute some programs for increased employment. What happened to all the promises of granting the disadvantaged the basic necessities. Still waiting. Why? Why are they sitting like sheep for the slaughter. Why do they keep swallowing the bullpoopie the government spews out of their watch towers. I have family in Durban and Johannesburg and I have several crime watch pages on FB. Do you know that in Durban the police and private investigators have discovered multiple roving gangs that keep watch over areas to monitor comings and goings. Just last week they gangraped a man – in his 80’s, made his wife watch, kicked him, beat him, raped her then dragged him out by his hair and bashed his head in. WTF???? Neighbourhoods are being literally stalked. Do I think that the majority ethnic groups are in trouble yes I do. Do I believe they are also attacked by their own ethnic group yes I do. And yet they are the ones supporting the very government they selected who do nothing thereby condoning the itinerant behaviour and yet they never change their vote. What are they waiting for? God only knows. So do I believe that the minority at this point in time is headed for genocide. Yes I do. The majority have to be made to see that what is happening is not to the benefit of ANYONE’S greater good but to the destruction of all. I do not want to come back. It is a joy to be in a country where my children can cycle to school, play outside without looking over there shoulders, where we can go out at night on the one of the best public transport systems in the world and I don’t have to worry too much about the time. Where there are no burglar alarms or fences or burglar proofing. I can say as I did in the beginning it is not a country without its problems – but they are few few few. It is gorgeous here. If granted the chance at asylum I would not hesitate. I do it to save us from the possibility and inevitability of being another statistic. Of not garnering the opportunity for a proper education. The opportunity of employment because I am not the right colour. It is not just because of the possibility of death but of persecution in every part of life.


Elise Markham June 7, 2013 at 3:57 pm

The white South Africans’ situation has been listed as high as Stage Six on the scale of levels leading to genocide. Stage Seven is actual genocide itself. Stage Eight, the final stage, is when the perpetrators deny the genocide and try to cover it up.

The extensive mutilation and torture of white victims of violence and murder in South Africa confirms the attacks are often racial in nature.

Barring whites from the job market (in effect, denying them the means to feed themselves), and the steady disarming of their population can be seen as sure signs of an approaching calamity. All of the things I’ve mentioned occurred to Jews prior to the Holocaust.

Most alarming, when a country’s leaders verbally promote violence and genocide against a group –without repercussions — then the stink of imminent genocide is in the air.

The “West” should be ashamed of itself, including the U.S.A.

That aside, get your loved ones and friends out of the “Beloved Country” anyway you can.


Sharone Rabie March 26, 2013 at 12:25 pm

My daughter Natasha Van Zyl now Grobler got gangraped a few years ago, front page news George Herald! She will never be the same again! If I can get a job in USA today I will leave South Africa tomorrow!


Sharone Rabie March 26, 2013 at 12:19 pm

I live on a smallholding in Vereeniging alone. Thank God everyday when I open my eyes, as my gun .357 magnum was taken from me!


Eloise March 18, 2013 at 4:55 pm

You dont live here in SA, so really, stop talking about white genocide. Rapes, murder, robbings, ect. is a part of every community here. These crimes, where 8 mnth old babies are raped, the elderly raped and killed, are everywhere, so my people are undes siege too. I can feel that the government doesn’t care too. It’s just, post-apartheid, post living in a sheltered, cushioned bubble, whites feel it now too. So now they cry foul. We, others are used to a hard life of fighting to feel safe. They are not. Noone’s out to to get them. And they miss being treated by themselves, and forcibly others, as if they matter alone. They hate being shown that they are not, afterall, more significant. Many still treat other races like shit.


GP March 17, 2013 at 2:47 pm

are there any countries openly accepting asylum seekers on the strength of the stage 6 genocide watch rating ? I would like nothing more than to apply to a country that I can sleep soundly in, one where i have a shot at meaningful employment, and one where I would actally consider having children !


alice March 8, 2013 at 7:51 pm

wow. amazed at how antiwhite racists some americans are,alot of white afrikanners are suffering real persecution and terror in africa, this is a fact, they shouild be allowed full asylum in us and helped, as they are in most western countries. What we are seeing is some people in USA really hate white people and are are denying them the same rights as nonwhites.


L Whittaker March 1, 2013 at 2:20 am

Email addresses of the 2 heros:
Mark Behr
Dennis Laumann or (his address at the communist news website he writes for – surprise, surprise)


L Whittaker March 1, 2013 at 1:15 am

Wikipedia gives some info on Behr. Behr was born in Tanzania and after the nationalization of white-owned farms under Julius Nyerere the family fled to South Africa. He studied at Stellenbosch University and spied on fellow students for the Government, but he was actually a turncoat working for the ANC. He will not help the Afrikaners but has no qualms writing books in Afrikaans to take their money and awards! Also, not surprisingly he is openly homosexual. So this fine upstanding academic who will not help the very people who gave his own family a safe place to flee to is actually a deviant who sold out his friends and his government and then made his living off the same people he refuses to help while languishing in another country! With all that is it any wonder he cannot be relied on for anything fine or decent. I wonder if this trash that gives whites a bad name knows what the average black South African thinks of homosexuality.
Dennis Laumann – the other little charmer is classified by his students as a man who worships the democrats with no respect for a Republican view – sometimes stopping class to rant about his own views. He is also described as being anti God.
These are the “experts” the US finds to decide on the fate of decent people looking for refuge . . really?


Jason Dzubow March 1, 2013 at 12:11 pm

L Whittaker – Your bigotry against homosexuals detracts from your point.


phillip February 27, 2013 at 3:31 am
To our esteemed Professor Mark Behr and Dr. Dennis Laumann, please have a look at the above link and then tell me that there is NO crime against the white population happening in this country. I am a military vet of the Apartheid regime, and i can tell you that i never came across any savagery or sadistic brutality and murder against any innocent black families by the apartheid government. Yes, there was a lot of attrocities committed by the government, but it was aginst our enemies of the time. Then the whole world had a field day about the terrible White minority of South Africa. Now you please tell me, did we, the white people of the country plant landmines at the entrances to farms on a sunday morning, knowing that the vehicles coming through the gate will be filled with white women and children coming from church. NO. Did we plant bombs in restuarants and night clubs, filled with children…NO. Dis we go into the black areas and rape and murder the women and children, like cowards,,NO.
I see that there is a pension for STRUGGLE veterans, they get a pension, yet the whites get nothing. Now i would like to know where the ANC of South Africa ever fought the apartheid military in a battle, not planting bombs and murdering innocent people, but like a proper military force,a proud soldier fights his enemy face to face, a coward skulks in the shadows and preys on women and children.

No mention of that any where…..WHY??
On another note, my dear narrow sighted professors, we live in a country where;
1. A black only management forum can be formed, but you cant form a white only forum. 2. You can have a back only education fund , but one for whites,3. You cannot get any government or any big business contracts, unless you give a large portion of you company to a black person, yet you can have a company that only employees blacks.

There is so much that i can mention , but you already know that,,,,,Wake up and smell the coffee, or better yet,why dont you return to your land of birth,Prf Behr, and come live in our non racist, crime free, rainbow democracy.


Arthur February 20, 2013 at 3:19 pm

Obama should come to South Africa and talk with ANC and force them to give us eaqual rights . We whites in South Africa are suffering and nobody cares. I am Aafricaner can not find job and living in poverty and we are afraid of the criminals around us.


Frederick Simm February 15, 2013 at 3:05 am

Professor Mark Behr, of Rhodes College, in Memphis, Tennessee, and Dr. Dennis Laumann, of the University of Memphis, have rejected requests that they help the family. “I am not interested in assisting Afrikaners claiming discrimination in a non-racial, democratic, post-apartheid South Africa,” wrote Laumann. “In my scholarly opinion, there is absolutely no basis for their allegation – whatever evidence they may present.”

You are both idiots. Experience trumps so-called “scholarly opinion”. The white farmers LIVE in south Africa and have to deal with regular attacks on their lives and livelihoods. Another white farmer was recently killed.

Dr Mark Behr, Dr. Dennis Laumann, you very much are a disgrace to scholars everywhere do you know that?


David Smith February 10, 2013 at 9:27 am

Those academics are clearly idiots – no clue outside of their protected jobs.Lets invite them over here for an orientation into what South Africa is really like.


Truth Teller February 9, 2013 at 7:58 pm

Don’t worry South African Whites !! While Liberals wish to hurt you !!! Many who come here are taking over the courts and legal systems in America !! To set the record straight !! All who see the truth are joining our group !! We enlisted technicians,engineers,law enforcement, DA’s politicians, many races and ethnics groups !! Hatred and racism no-matter who doing will be brought to justice and flat out wrong!!


Sean February 7, 2013 at 10:01 am

With 68000 whites butchered since 94 and 4000 productive farms being laid to waste due to the farmers being murdered,how can the USA say theres nothing to support any white asylum seeker in the USA? It boggles the imagination.And moreover, we cant apply for asylum at USA embassies. We have to go to the USA and apply there.Not very helpful


RK December 21, 2012 at 4:03 am

Thank you. Herewith the full reference of the report, as well as Prof. Stanton’s subsequent email advising South African whites to flee before it is too late. and It might be necessary to cut and paste the reference as I am unable to create a hyperlink.


RK December 19, 2012 at 3:46 pm

See the report of Professor Stanton (genocide expert) on in respect of South Africa. He should be willing to testify and is probably the leading expert in the world on this subject matter. You will note from the report that Professor Stanton is shocked about the situation in South Africa and has reported to the UN on this matter.


Jason Dzubow December 19, 2012 at 6:02 pm

Thank you for the comment – I am not sure if the link you provided worked in your posting. Here it is:


ian Chalmers December 16, 2012 at 5:25 pm

Racism is rampant in south africa.Apartheid never caused it!look at the rest of Africa.i left that sesspool 35 yrs ago and if my family is harmed,i will return and kill every kaffir standing!


Charnelle Bester October 23, 2012 at 4:55 pm

Please sir, understand, that the apartheid era had ended almost 18 years ago, during which most white and black south africans were promised a rainbow nation. Many white South Africans welcomed this.
There is a massive amount of fear amongs many white South-Africans that are currently being dehuminized. World renowned genocide expert has increased the Level of Genocide of South-Africa, clearly stating that this country is in the early stages of genocide.

Safe this family from potential murder, it really is that bad, believe me. Our cries are not being heard, yet our children are being brutally murdered daily.


John August 30, 2012 at 4:22 pm

The rampant and increasing crime rate in SA and the well documented high numbers of farm murders certainly lend credence to requests for asylum. One noted author wrote that SA whites have become “professional victims”. Add to this the governmental decree which systematically excludes whites for consideration for middle-to-top level jobs both in business and government and you have a situation where whites are being pushed out of the picture or at least out to the margins. GenocideWatch International, a genocide watchdog group, states that SA whites are currently in ‘middle stage’ of genocide. In other words, time is drawing short for what will be mass murders of SA’s white minority.


jannes August 16, 2012 at 6:25 am

To acknowledge that South-Africa is in a down spiral would be to acknowledge that the ANC was wrong in all that they stand for.
Those who made Nelson Mandela a god and now don’t have the courage to admit their wrong do, will never help us.
To be free means to ignore a red light at a busy intersection and get somebody killed and then blame it on apartheid.
To be free means to kill,steal,rob and rape.
Like whites getting killed daily in South-Africa, so the uproar to the mines will begin and at the end close down one by one.
For every white killed in South-Africa it means less tax to government and less production and less food.It let’s me think back years ago of a little joke about the white guy sitting in a big black cooking pot with all the blacks singing and dancing around him.The one black keeps poking the white with a fork and every time the white got poked he laughed and the black could not understand why the white were laughing, so he asked him?.The white replied “every time you poke me with that fork i shit in your dinner”.
This country is on the brink of total collapse(no money),then will the time come for us to take back what we payed for a long time ago-white farmers must send their trucks/tractors and come and collect the homeless whites sitting around cities with no jobs.Let the white people come and work the earth for their food and a place to stay,in that way their would be more people on the land to protect each other against incited blacks.Build stores and get our food supplies/Bio fuel in order ,the rest could start their big black cooking pots and see if they can pickle each other to taste.
Zimbabwe have no whites left-go back there and stay on the farms you wanted so badly……………no whites-no farms-no food!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apartheid was a ballgame that the world used to keep South-Africa in the news and take the eyes of their own people off their own problems,but their problems is only starting now.

Believe in GOD and we will be free again.


Wayne August 15, 2012 at 4:00 am

This is the response after above US farm manager got attacked:

Rogers was a director of the American agricultural company SBH Farms and had been working as a farm manager on the farm Geluk.

His brother, Dr Stephen Rogers, who was also chairperson of SBH, said on Tuesday it was “no longer possible for them to work like this”. He said their ability to make a difference was increasingly being overwhelmed by crime.

He said he was a representative of a group of American investors who had taken a chance by investing in the new South Africa.

“We invested long-term in the tourism and agricultural sector and brought millions of dollars of foreign investment as well as created a lot of work in the eastern Free State.”

But theft was occurring on a weekly basis and sometimes even more frequently. “Our lives are in danger. It is not possible to work like this.”

When will the world realize the truth? When will they step in? “Apartheid” era never had mass killings and targeted certain demographic. Wake up, before it is too late!


Wayne August 14, 2012 at 6:39 am

Maybe this article will change some minds. Will the US now get involved, probably not. But it goes to show what White farmers have to deal with every day.
US farm manager attacked with pangas
2012-08-14 12:00

Bloemfontein – A United States farm manager has been hacked with pangas in an attack on a farm in the Ladybrand district, the Volksblad newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Allen Rodgers, 61, was taken to the Mediclinic hospital, in Bloemfontein, by ambulance with lacerations and stab wounds after the attack on the farm Geluk on Monday night.

According to the newspaper, his assailants waited for him in the farmhouse, where they had tied up a female friend of his.

Free State Agriculture district representative Bernard Maree said the attackers apparently stole cash and cellphones.

Police and soldiers along the borderline with Lesotho searched for the men until late on Monday night.
It was believed the attack could be linked to recent job losses on the farm, the newspaper reported.


Annie July 23, 2012 at 6:23 am

Professor Mark Behr, of Rhodes College, in Memphis, Tennessee, and Dr. Dennis Laumann, of the University of Memphis?///
Is there any e-mail adresses for these persons that we can send them photo’s how farm murders look like? please answer this. and also provide the emails adresses.


Jason Dzubow July 23, 2012 at 10:20 am

Thanks for the comments about this situation. If you wish to contact the professors, you would have to contact their universities, as I am not in touch with them.


Annie July 23, 2012 at 5:35 am

Professor Mark Behr, of Rhodes College, in Memphis, Tennessee, and Dr. Dennis Laumann, of the University of Memphis, have rejected requests that they help the family. “I am not interested in assisting Afrikaners claiming discrimination in a non-racial, democratic, post-apartheid South Africa,” wrote Laumann. “In my scholarly opinion, there is absolutely no basis for their allegation – whatever evidence they may present.”????????
I dare you come stay in this place where your wife of your daugter will be raped brutally killed where your youngest baby of 8mnth old will be killed and still the murderer come away with it, there is over 60 white poor camps in south africa, they get no grants or nothing from the gov, please we invite you all and then you can go and stay in the black community and see how long will you live, and do not everybody know who you are when you come in, other wise you will be treated like a king just to give the world outside how good they are, but back at the ranch they hate white people all over the world,


tony smith April 25, 2012 at 3:22 am

48 parliamentarians in the european parliament sign a letter to the a n c government protesting racist murders of south african white farmers over the past few years 6000 in all and that doesnt include the raped and maimed .Whites live in poverty in squatter camps like the 50 around pretoria denied jobs , welfare, utilities or food ie 360 000 in all one million forced over seas ….this in a country australia sent troops to in the boer war contributing to their poverty as boers were herded into the worlds first modern concentration camps by the british .There is no right of return to these descendants of dutch german british irish greek italian scandanavian french and even australian ancestory ..Genocide watch has them on level 5 thats moving gradually to another ruwanda or armenian situation ..guess what it gets not a mention in the australian media …why not be the first to bring attention to this situation cuz it is going to get worse for sure ..all these facts can be googled mr saffron a photo journalist from sydney has his pics online see white squatter camps south africa and farm murders south africa ,there are hundreds of thousands of australians who have lived worked or travelled there and its all happening within a short drive from the aussie consulate regards tony smith


PEACE April 8, 2012 at 7:48 am

There seems to be a large group of young militant blacks contemplating to set a fix date to kill the whites, so they can have freedom, not sure what sort of freedom they asking for as they have freedom. They claim that whites are evil and killers and needs to be killed or driven into the sea. The amount of the group is not known but some claim it could be easily in the region of 8 million, the whites are only 5 million. Genocide watch has already places South Africa on no 6. More details can be obtainable from them. Many of us are not distressed about this threat as many a time Divine Intervention has prevented them from fulfilling their evil aspirations.


Linz March 28, 2012 at 9:25 pm

The academics may be right! It be perhaps they are too scared and intimidated to step up to the bat, and admit that Zuma and Malema defying the courts and leading the songs that say; “Kill the Boere” at celebrations incites more racism against white farmers. Maybe a picture of Theron crying next to Mandela, (and I would cry to, I deeply respect THAT man), somehow takes the truth out of the pictures of hacked and mutilated white farmers! And where as in a population mix as is in South Africa, I should say it it only common sense that statistically the blacks will feel greater crimes, and there is no doubt of that, as they are necklacing each other still! (see BBC’s report)
The crimes of black African on Black African is enough to make one understand segregation! But, in the name of what is right, we in the US helped dismantle segregation but have done nothing about the human rights issue, and the white African tribe will be the next genocide that we look upon the way we look at the tribal war in Rwanda and wonder why, no one did anything!! The least we could do is grant as much safety to those seeking asylum as Professor Behr enjoys.


Taco Dan March 22, 2012 at 10:35 am

Professor Mark Behr, of Rhodes College, in Memphis, Tennessee is a born South African, if he is not willing to assist the white south africans in this matter, what is he still doing in the USA and are not here in SA to assist with the education of all the young blacks that get government funding to study further. Another point that is so called misleading, why would a black family from South Africa be granted asylum after 1994?
The white South Africans are in real danger of survival. With the new B-BBEE that is to be introduced this year by the ANC government, white men and woman will basically be bared from the formal employment sector. More than a million white south Africans now live in squatter camps as the white male of secondary education are no longer able to get employment in South Africa. With the new B-BBEE the likelihood that a white male or female with tertiary education will get employment, is further diminished.
There is a claim that the most murders are against black people, take the ratio of murders against a specific race as a percentage of that specific race population and it will be found that the Whites in South Africa is under definite threat.
One of the stages of genocide is denial by the ruling government, and it can not be any clearer that the ANC government is denying the genocide and targeted crime against whites as with B Huntly case in Canada.
Persecution is real in South Africa.
The world need to realize that the White South African is being victimized, humiliated, DE-humanized and denied as a part of South Africa’s population.


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